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MOBILE AR IS HERE! ManoMotion hand tracking SDK is made for developing AR experiences for both Android and iOS mobile platforms Download Now Power Up your App development! Spatial interaction using mobiles allows humans to experience AR in the physical space to control and manipulate items with hands. Hand tracking and gesture control technologies are [ ].

Today, thanks to the AR ecosystem, spatial interaction and AR are highly related to the real life experiences of humans in the physical space where direct control and manipulation of the items with hands are crucial.

INDUSTRIAL SAFETY We help industries embed hand tracking safety solution to reduce hand injuries, enable new type of gesture inputs and control functions. Contact us We save hands! Millions of hands are injured in different situations – every day! By combining state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence with standard sensors we have [ ].

HEADSET DEVELOPER Unparalleled performance by embedding Manomotion hand tracking technology in HMDs and other wearables Contact us Minimal requirements ManoMotion detects hands, provides full 27 DOF and supports gesture control. The innovative architecture aims at not only offer world class hand tracking, but also address the opportunity with real hand and virtual object interaction.

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